Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Freebie of the Day: Raven (Raven Series Bk 1) by Kimberley Brockman


Raven (Raven Series #1) by Kimberley Brockman
YA Paranormal

Seventeen year old Rayne Holloway suffers through the premature death of her father then the inexplicable fiery demise of her beloved older sister. Antagonized by her peers and the public she isolates herself ready and willing to wallow in depression, but she isn't safe even in her own home. She blames herself for her sister's death and is tormented by hellish dreams and demons that begin to haunt her even when she awakes.
Her childhood best friend, Alex, left for London before their sophomore year was over. He had been her rock and salvation in every time of trouble, but without him she is lost and alone. In an attempt to reconnect with her bubbly friend, Danielle, she comes face to face with the one person who could destroy her soul.
The ever charming Chase Turner. His hair is as black as night with piercing blue eyes a soul made of fire and a heart of pure ice. Chase literally crashes into Rayne's life making her question everything that she has ever known as truth.
Chase is a Raven. An immortal by birth. One wickedly seductive smile and she could be lured into his arms and into the depths of fire forever.
Once her best friend, Alex, returns from a near-death experience in London she will have life altering decisions to make. Will she heed to the cryptic warnings from strangers or pursue a romance that could lead to her own untimely demise?

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