Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Freebie of the Day: Unquiet Slumber (Blue Fire #1) by Paulette Miller

Title: Unquiet Slumber
Series: Blue Fire #1
Author: Paulette Miller
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Centuries following the destruction of the Wizard Sett by its own Black Dragon, a young wizard apprentice finds herself thrust into a magical world that she thought only existed in bedtime stories. In a twist of fate, she joins a traveling group of shapeshifters on a quest to find the key to saving all of Lagrangia from a darkness that’s spreading like a disease across the land.

Her travels become a journey of self-discovery, turning her perceived reality upside down. As she exposes herself to the magical world, she becomes a beacon to the one that they all fear. But can the love she finds in the arms of a shapeshifting Draak overpower the evil that’s seducing her from within her dreams?

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