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BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY: Violet Storm by Anna Soliveres

Title: Violet Storm
Series: Modi Series #1
Author: Anna Soliveres
Genre: Young Adult SciFi
Released: March 28th 2014

Several hundred years into the future, The Cleansing, known to some as the End of Days, forced the government to create Arks to shelter its people. When Earth became habitable again, new territories rose up from the ashes: Agria, the City of Light, and the Outer Boundaries. For a while, they lived in peace.
A brilliant surgeon known for his invention of Modi’s—the only cure for the deadly disease, vaincre—has gone rogue with his experiments, and the Monarchy is desperate to shut him down. That’s where Aeva Storm comes in, a champion athlete with an ego to match. Aeva is the surgeon’s secret weapon against the Monarchy. And they’ll never know what hit them. After reconstructing her body to become a Modi unlike any he’s ever created, Aeva is forced into a fight against all odds. She’ll have to break loyalties, hurt family, and turn her back on newly awakened love. Thousands of lives hang in the balance in a battle that will set forth a new era.
Join Aeva on her quest to see whether she’s got what it takes to go up against the most powerful humans ever created.

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“You shouldn’t be here!” growls Ruven. “What would possess you to risk yourself? Why didn’t you listen to me?”
“Let me go!” I struggle hard against his strong grip pinning me against the wall.
Ruven’s eyes are frightening, like blood-red storm clouds.
I say the next words through my teeth, “Let me go, or I’ll make you let me go.”
“Listen to me. I’m trying to—”
My knee connects to the space right above his groin.
He curls forward. I swing the base of my elbow solidly against his jaw, enjoying the resounding thwack from the contact. But he recovers quicker than I anticipate and tackles me at the waist. We roll onto the ground. I knee him again, using my elbows like a bat, attacking with moves geared toward such close proximity. Ruven is quick to block and dodge. I don’t hold anything back. We are nearly equal in augmented strength and speed. But unlike Ruven, I fight dirty. When you’re small like me, there’s no such thing as a fair fight.
But wrestling is Ruven’s forté. I realize this as soon as he manages to hook my arm around my neck. I push my newly discovered modified body and twist. I hear a pop in my shoulder, and for a moment black dots cloud my vision, the pain causing me to hiss venom through my teeth. I kick my head back. There is a crunch when it meets his nose.
Ruven yowls. In one fluid motion, I push my popped shoulder back in, swallowing the screaming pain. I slip out from beneath him, but he follows, keeping his position above me. I jab with the heel of my palm. He dodges, using my error to overtake me. His weight pins me to the rocky ground. I try the same move again, faster, thrusting the heel of my palm at his already bruising nose. His face jerks up, his torso rising with it. I immediately knock his elbow, flip him over, and straddle him. Fist tight, arm back, I zero in on his jaw. The other hand gripping the collar of his shirt so tight, I know it’s cutting off air.
“I’m trying to help you,” Ruven gurgles.
My fist makes it halfway before I stop. Teeth bared, I lower my face to his, tightening my grip on his shirt. “Why should I believe you?”
“Because I let you take me down…” he replies with a lopsided grin.
I snort derisively. “Sure you did.” Like I haven’t heard that before. “I’m not your average little girl.”
Tone dangerous and deep, he says, “Oh, I agree.” His arm flies across me, grabbing my fist and twisting my wrist. The ground rushes up, slamming against my cheek. I barely have enough time to grunt when both my arms are wrapped behind me like an apprehended criminal. Ruven’s sharp knee presses against my back, making it hard to breathe.
“Get off me! Let me go!” Sand scratches my cheek.
“Quiet…” Ruven growls. “And stop squirming!”

About The Author

Anna Soliveres has always been a storyteller but it wasn’t until her early twenties when she began writing novel length works. The result was an enthusiasm to get better at the craft until her work could be shared with the world. Releasing in March 2014, VIOLET STORM is her debut novel. Anna is currently working on another young adult sci-fi series, titled SNOW DOLLS, set to release in late 2014. To learn more, please visit her at

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