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Review Request Policy

If you are an author and have a printed book or e-book that you'd like us to review then here is a bit of information for you to read explaining what the process involves and how myself and Lisa handle review requests.

Reviews by Linsey and Lisa

We both currently read a lot of Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and on occasion some Young Adult but prefer adult books to the ones aimed at teenagers. Therefore, in order to give an honest review, we prefer to stick to these genres because we wouldn't want to force ourselves to read something in a genre we may not normally enjoy. However, we do read from other genres now and again so if you would like to send a book that you think we may be interested in then please do, we'll certainly take a look just in case it has something about it that catches our eye.

Here is our rating key:

Please note that all of the reviews on My Little World - Books 'N' Things are of our own opinions which means if any of us mark a book with a low rating it is purely because we didn't enjoy it for whatever reason and not necessarily a true reflection of the book. We always recommend that you read more than one review of a book in order to get a true reflection of whether or not it is something you might enjoy.

We know how much a writer puts in to their work and understand that it takes a lot of time and dedication to create a book that they feel proud of therefore we always review books as fairly and respectfully as possible.

If you feel you would like to send me or Lisa your book for a review then please send your ePub, Mobi or PDF to or if you have a printed copy you would like to send then drop us an email with details. We only review books that are published. Self published works are also welcome.

Any review books we receive will be considered a gift in exchange for an honest review, however, from time to time we may not be able to finish a book. It may be that it's just not for us and we feel that it would not be fair on either party to force ourselves to finish something that is not being enjoyed. In which case a review will not be written.

I currently run this blog myself, and sometimes real life just gets in the way of reading time so we cant guarantee we will read or review your book, or give a specific time in which it will be done but we will let you know if/when the review will be posted.

Lisa and I review books purely as a hobby. We usually recieve books from the authors themselves, their publishers or through Netgalley in exchange for honest reviews and we also review books that we have purchased ourselves. We do not get paid or recieve gifts for any of our reviews.

I may pass any printed review books that are sent to me to my blog readers from time to time as blog giveaways.

Competitions, Giveaways & News Updates.

If you would like me to run a competition or a giveaway for your book release right here on My Little World then feel free to email me with details. There are two ways that we can organize things: You can arrange to send books, merchandise and/or other freebies, at your own cost, to myself and I will send them on to the winner, or you can be responsible for sending prizes out. In which case I will pass on all winners details to you. The latter usually works best. Also if you would like to donate your book/books so that I can run promotional giveaways where I fully promote your title in the run up to its release date, etc, then please feel free to contact me.

All promotions and giveaways are promoted on my blog Facebook page, Twitter, Google+ and Goodreads.
If you would like to email us, please fill out the contact form with as much of the following info as possible:

~ Giveaways
~ Spotlights
~ News updates
~ Release dates
~ Tours
~ Public appearances and/or book signings
~ Interviews
~ Trailers and Promos

Or any other information that you'd like me to feature on the blog then please feel free to do so. I will try my best to post about it as soon as you do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully reviewing your book in the future.



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